Saturday, January 31, 2009


I really tried to get James into a "lovie". If you can't figure that out, it's whatever soothes the baby, helps them to sleep, whatever. I have a bajillion of those little blankies with heads (should try to find a bear! lol); my favorite is this little giraffe. It has sleepy eyes, so cute. I've put it in his car seat and swing, fed him with it. He just never got particularly attached to anything, which is fine, but I did think it would be nice for him to have something special. Last night while I was putting him to sleep, it hit me. I am his "lovie"! He was cradled like he was nursing, with one hand high on my chest, just fiddle-faddling (as Tom calls it) with my necklace (my push present) and running his fingers over my skin. When he fusses in his crib or swing, I can just put a hand in there and he'll hold my finger and drift off. Adorable? yes. A little impracticle? probably, but how can you not love that! Yeah, he's banking on that only child thing!

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