Sunday, January 25, 2009

Despite what they say, good intentions are sometimes just stupid.

People say the dumbest things when they're trying to relate to you.
My absolute favorite was when I was pregnant and people would find out that I was diabetic. 9 times out of 10 I got: Have you ever seen Steele Magnolias? Honestly, I haven't ever watched the movie, but I AM aware of the plot--the woman is diabetic, tries to have a baby......and dies. lol Thank you for that special little pick-me-up! I feel super.
After James was born and he was considered small, I got: Oh my gosh! He's so tiny! Was he a preemie? -or- How many DAYS is he? I began calculating and responding with 87, 124, or whatever. lol Then I would get looks like I was a crackhead mother or an alcoholic. Yes, he has FAS. My sarcasm got me into plenty of trouble.
Now I've got a new one, and it happens ALL the time! James went for a sweat test to see if he has cystic fibrosis (he doesn't). Clearly we were there for a reason; I did not order the test myself. The nurse says: did you ever think that maybe he's just small? (sigh) Yep, we thought about it. Then later she informs me how I won't be so nervous with my 4th kid (my WHAT?) and that it's probably just first mom nerves. Again, sigh. Seriously, I didn't go to my pediatrician and freak out. THEY freaked out that he was losing weight/not gaining. People say this to me almost daily, like it's a brand new option we hadn't even considered. I sure appreciate the optimism, but's yer sign.

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Grace said...

I love when people ask me if my son has vision problems because of all the drugs I took when I was pregnant. (**disclaimer**they were prescribed and necessary) It makes me feel really good though when people try to in essence "blame" me. Seriously, why do people talk sometimes?