Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Genetic testing

Well, I loved my new OB. She seemed very nice and spent a good amount of time with us, answering our numerous questions. We got another ultrasound, we're at 11 weeks, just 4 weeks since our last ultrasound, and what a change! You could see the shadows of the eyes, nose, and mouth, plus the little monster was swinging its arms around, wiping its face, and I'm pretty sure it mooned us. Must be a girl.
Then we got the whole talk on all the tests we could have done, should have done, genetic counseling, etc. Yikes! Too much information, seriously. I mean, I'm already pregnant, so I suppose sometime in early July we'll find everything out. Plus, you can test for everything, but no test is completely accurate, with many false positives. I'm not sure, but I don't think I want to know. Isn't ignorance bliss?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

High risk

On Monday I will go see my high risk OB for the first time. It's funny being "high risk." I don't feel high risk. I feel like a pretty normal person, albeit pregnant. And I'm having a pretty good pregnancy so far, better than most people I know. I don't look high risk. So if I tell someone, they look at me a little funny. But I am looking forward to meeting her (happy she's a she). She called me personally to set up an appointment and took me even though she isn't taking any new patients. Makes me feel special. Maybe I'll even get a new picture. I better get something, it'll take me two hours to get into the city to see her!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hardly perfect...

So yesterday I woke up, had my usual breakfast, went to work. Blood sugars were great. Then it came to lunch, and I ended up just snacking. Why? Because nothing that I had brought for lunch appealed to me anymore. Then I went to the grocery store. Usually, a huge mistake when you're hungry, even without an appetite. But I had a detailed list that I did not stray from. By then I was even hungrier, so I snacked on the way home, with the appropriate insulin (or so I thought). Then I started making dinner and homemade granola bars (from Diabetic Living magazine--I highly recommend). Evidently, I did more snacking because my dinner blood sugar was too high. How dumb am I? I obviously knew that would happen, somewhere deep inside. Of course, I fixed it right away and my blood sugars have been great since. I'm wondering how often that happens to other diabetic moms-to-be. I had these expectations of being perfect, with so much at stake, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I still have my weak moments and I still make mistakes. Hopefully I can just learn to limit them greatly!