Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hardly perfect...

So yesterday I woke up, had my usual breakfast, went to work. Blood sugars were great. Then it came to lunch, and I ended up just snacking. Why? Because nothing that I had brought for lunch appealed to me anymore. Then I went to the grocery store. Usually, a huge mistake when you're hungry, even without an appetite. But I had a detailed list that I did not stray from. By then I was even hungrier, so I snacked on the way home, with the appropriate insulin (or so I thought). Then I started making dinner and homemade granola bars (from Diabetic Living magazine--I highly recommend). Evidently, I did more snacking because my dinner blood sugar was too high. How dumb am I? I obviously knew that would happen, somewhere deep inside. Of course, I fixed it right away and my blood sugars have been great since. I'm wondering how often that happens to other diabetic moms-to-be. I had these expectations of being perfect, with so much at stake, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I still have my weak moments and I still make mistakes. Hopefully I can just learn to limit them greatly!

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