Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blood Sugars

Throughout my pregnancy so far, I've tried to read everything I could online. Specifically, I wanted to read what real people wrote about. I found a site where moms told their tales of pregnancy and labor while having diabetes, of any type. All I saw were women who wrote that they only had 10 blood sugar readings over 200 for their entire pregnancy. Well, I'm sorry, but what a load of crap. I panicked at first. I had over 10 in my first trimester, but my A1Cs were still in the 5's, so all was great. All highs had a reason, whether it be a miscalculation, a pump or site error, or just your body keying you in that it's time to make an insulin change (which happens CONSTANTLY). I have a very tough set of doctors, and I was so afraid to go see them with my blood sugars, thinking I was doing something wrong. But all was well. So don't panick by what other people say. They're probably lying, didn't take their blood sugars often enough, or are freaks of nature that really did eat nothing but lettuce their entire pregnancy--especially if they had Type 1. But as long as you're seeing your doctor often (I go to my endocrinologist every two weeks through my pregnancy, until the end when I'll go every week), taking your blood sugars and logging them, you're going to be fine!

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